One in Seven UK Takeaways Have Failed Food Hygiene Tests So Says The Guardian

Recent analysis by national newspaper The Guardian of published food hygiene reports for more than 460,000 food related businesses found that 10% of restaurants and 1 in 7 takeaways in the UK failed food hygiene inspections. They failed because they were dirty or had poor procedures. Whilst most food businesses pass safety inspections there were a handful that scandalously failed to meet standards, so much so that not only were they shut down but also their owners were prosecuted. Punishment ranged from suspended and custodial sentences, through to community service and fines.

The Food Standards Agency rates all food providers whether a Michelin start restaurant or small fish and chip shop, with a score. The score ranges from 0 to 5. A zero rating denotes that the business “urgently requires improvement”. Establishments that achieve a score between zero and two are considered to fail whereas those with a three and above have passed. Although the rating criteria is standard across the country, analysis shows some areas experienced more food safety problems than others.

The top 5 areas in the UK ranked by the percentage of food premises that pass food hygiene inspections are the Orkney Islands, North Devon, South Ayrshire, Torridge and Harrogate. The 5 worst areas are Newham, Edinburgh, the Shetland Islands, Islington and Hyndburn.

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