Specialist Kitchen Equipment Cleaning is essential to main food hygiene standards in your kitchen. But commercial kitchens face some practical difficulties in carrying out a really thorough clean, especially for some types of equipment. Scheduling regular Kitchen Equipment Cleaning is one answer to this problem.

Specialist Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

No matter how thoroughly your staff try to clean kitchen equipment, some tough types of dirt, such as burnt on oil and grease, won’t wipe off with everyday cleaning and residues inevitably build up over time. It is especially important to keep clean those items of equipment which come into direct contact with food, such as ovens, fryers, grills and hobs. But in high-volume food outlets it can sometimes be difficult to find a time when equipment is cool enough to allow thorough cleaning.

For many types of kitchen equipment, thorough cleaning can only be achieved by dismantling the equipment, deep cleaning internal parts and then reassembling. This is often unreasonable to expect kitchen staff to do. Our Kitchen Cleaning Equipment specialists can safely carry out the necessary dismantling and ensure your equipment is put back together correctly, ready for use.

For many types of equipment, cleaning isn’t just about hygiene – it can affect the performance of the equipment itself, or can lead to premature breakdowns. Getting Kitchen Equipment professionally cleaned will help prevent malfunctions and prolong the life of your equipment. This is an important consideration for commercial quality equipment which can cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds to replace.

Minimising Disruption to Your Business

Many business owners worry that doing thorough cleaning will involve disruption to their business and perhaps loss of income. But waiting to do a thorough clean at a time when you are “not so busy” can mean the cleaning never gets done at all. And as we have seen, this risks far greater disruption to a business which is forced to close due to hygiene problems, or because vital equipment has stopped working.

Ingot Kitchen Equipment Cleaning service is carried out at a time to suit you, to minimise disruption to your business. We can arrange to work on a day that your outlet would normally be closed, or we can carry out an overnight clean.

Types of Kitchen Equipment Cleaned

Ingot provides an expert Kitchen Equipment Cleaning service covering all types of equipment including:

Industrial Oven Cleaning – Ovens are the hardest piece of equipment for staff to keep clean on a daily basis. They are usually in constant use, making it difficult to access for cleaning during a normal shift. Scheduling regular professional Industrial Oven Cleaning – preferably every 6 months – prevents residues getting out of hand.

Industrial Fryer Cleaning – Fryers present a similar cleaning problem to ovens. Where they are present, they are likely to be in constant use. And oil has to drop to a safe temperature before it is safe to begin cleaning.

Industrial Grill Cleaning – There are many types of industrial grill, from flat sheet burger cookers, to vertical rotisseries grills for cooking chickens. Flat grills are relatively easy to clean on a daily basis – but can still experience build up of residue over time, especially around the edges and in corners. Other types of grill can involve more complex parts which are difficult to access and may need dismantling to clean properly.

Industrial Range Cooker Cleaning – Electric or gas, your range experiences a combination of solid and liquid spills and oil and fat deposits on a daily basis. Daily cleaning of the surface and back panels will remove most residues but there are control knobs and complicated hob fittings which can be difficult to clean thoroughly.

As well as cooking equipment, we clean other types of kitchen equipment including canopies, prep tables and cooking containers such as bain maries and steamers.