Decontamination of any environment post exposure to Covid-19 is fundamental in both the containment of the spread and also the peace of mind of those who need to operate in that environment going forward. It is also pivotal in keeping people safe, in particular protecting those who are most vulnerable.

The Importance of Virus Decontamination

If you have had areas that may have had a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19, it is recommended that a full decontamination is carried out to eliminate any COVID-19 that is on surfaces.

Should your workplace require decontamination, Ingot Services is able to help. Our fieldworkers have received crisis training from the Navitas Academy in Covid-19 decontamination, and are therefore able to restore safe working conditions, ensuring hospital-standard cleanliness and full decontamination of the Covid-19 virus.

A Medical and Infections control director for an NHS trust says; “as our hospital started gearing up for Covid-19 we had concerns about our ability to meet the demand for decontamination of rooms and areas that had been used to treat and assess potential Covid-19 patients. Ingot Services was engaged by our Estates team to assist with the decontamination and deep cleaning of these areas.

Their work has been closely assessed by myself and my head of Infection Control. We have been hugely impressed with what we have seen.  Their processes and procedures are well thought through and well delivered. Their commitment to provide the safest levels of protection for their staff and thorough decontamination and cleaning of the areas they attend to is very clear. They don’t cut corners. In fact, we have learned much from them, especially with their system of having a team supervisor, directing and recording on checklists what has been done as well directing and controlling each individual when removing PPE.”

Whatever your workplace requirements may be, we have the ability to work with you to accomplish what’s needed; be that room decontamination with the use of foggers, chemical treatment of HVAC systems, spraying of equipment or wiping of surfaces, we can and will continue to help ease the burden by providing you and safe working environment and peace of mind.

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The Decontamination Process

Decontamination can be hazardous if not carried out by qualified and competent individuals such as the highly trained engineers at Ingot Services.

Firstly, our engineers will carry out a full survey of the area needing decontamination and create a dynamic operating procedure focused at ensuring the areas affected are treated in the most efficient, safe and professional manner.

PPE is then ‘donned’ using the UK armed forces method for tackling Ebola. Once donned engineers will then decontaminate the surveyed areas. Following the completion engineers will ‘doff’ their PPE again using the same methods as used for Ebola; this is the most critical part of any decontamination as it dramatically reduces the risk of any cross-contamination.

The chemicals used are specifically designed to kill COVID-19 as well as 99.9 percent of known viruses and bacteria. The United States Air Force has vetted our procedures and deemed them safe for their operations. All soft furnishings, walls, floors, ceilings, and appliances are treated, leaving all areas virus-free.

As ventilation specialists, decontamination of any AHU’s should be considered alongside surface decontamination, as ventilation systems can spread the disease if not properly treated. This is important in ensuring the safety of the general public, and key in helping stop the spread of this virus.

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Ingot Services fieldworkers wearing approved PPE for Covid-19 decontamination