Ingot offers a range of specialist services to NHS and private hospitals to ensure operational adherence with Health Technical Memorandum 03-01 – “specialised ventilation in healthcare premises”. HTM 03-01 requires that all critical ventilation systems are inspected quarterly and their performance assessed and verified yearly.

What is HTM 03-01?

HTM 03-01 requirements apply to any ventilation systems that would result in increased health risks to patients if they did not meet the required standards. It has been proved that poor operational theatre air quality can lead to surgical site infection. Consequently plants serving hospital operating departments are required to make sure that areas are kept separate within the suite by providing a specific direction of air flow between rooms. Additionally they must maintain the operating departments’ environmental conditions constant irrespective of changes in outside air conditions or activities within the designated area.

Ventilation Systems Requiring HTM 03-01 Conformance

Specific systems that HTM 03-01 applies to includes:

  • Operating theatres
  • Isolation rooms or units
  • Intensive care and high dependency units
  • Neonatal care units
  • Containment Level 3 and 4 laboratories
  • Imaging technology facilities such as MRI and CAT
  • Mortuary systems

The Part B of the regulations specifies that such systems must be inspected quarterly and validated annually.

Healthcare Sector Services Offered by Ingot

Air Testing

Ingot offers a range of air testing services:

  • Indoor air quality testing/monitoring where we can test for airborne microbiology, airborne particulate, gasses that are present, temperature/humidity, air volumes and air changes etc.
  • Air hygiene surveys deposit thickness testing, surface microbiological sampling, video and photography.
  • Operating theatre validation which includes; airborne microbiology sampling, taking airborne particulate measurements, temperature and humidity, air volumes, air changes, pressure differential measurements.

Deep Cleaning of Operating Theatres

Whilst closing for annual inspections and validations, many hospitals choose to carry out a theatre deep clean. This involves using a low toxicity biocide that kills over 99.999999997% of all known germs including MRSA, Noro virus and E’coli. All our operatives are highly trained and work is carried out in a way and at a time that suits the client. On completion clients are provided with a deep clean report.

Disinfection Hospital ITU Isolation Rooms

Ingot also provides a responsive disinfection service for ITU isolation rooms after occupation by people with infectious diseases.

Disinfection/Fumigation Process of Mortuary Systems

The same disinfection and fumigation process that is used to clean operating theatres and ductwork is used by Ingot in Mortuary systems to help in the safe replacement of HEPA filters.

Disinfection of Ductwork Systems

Ingot also offers a ductwork cleaning service to ensure that hospital ventilation systems comply with HTM 03-01 guidance and other related legislation. The service involves disinfecting the ducting with a low toxicity biocide.


On completion you will be provided with a detailed, easy to read report which will include any air quality testing results, details on any areas for concern and photographs of the work carried out.