When it comes to commercial kitchen cleaning, canopy cleaning can be a daunting prospect. No matter how vigorous your regular cleaning regime is, periodic and thorough canopy cleaning by a professional cleaning company should be considered a part of your wider commercial kitchen deep cleaning schedule.

Why It Is Necessary

Designed specifically to remove airborne grease, heat, smoke, smells and steam from the air surrounding a cooker, a canopy and the ductwork behind it can quickly accumulate grease and dust. If the build-up becomes excessive it can become a breeding ground for mould and bacteria which can pose a significant health risk to your employees and your diners. And it can also catch fire if exposed to flames from the cooker below – the ductwork can then carry the fire through to other parts of the building.

Because of these dangers there is strict legislation in place to ensure that regular deep cleaning, including canopy cleaning, takes place and that it is done by a professional and fully accredited company.

This may seem like an unnecessary added expense until you weigh up the benefits of keeping your kitchen and canopy cleaning up to date, with the possible implications of a less diligently cleaned kitchen.

Ensuring regular canopy cleaning within your commercial kitchen will ensure that the air in your kitchen is more pure and breathable, and that your kitchen is a safe and healthy place in which to work. All helping to keep your workforce healthy and happy, improving productivity, and therefore your bottom line.

It will also help to keep the possibility of vermin being attracted to your commercial kitchen to a minimum, and even more importantly, it will reduce the risk of fire – a hazard to be avoided at all costs.

The Impact on Your Business of Not Carrying Out Regular Extract and Canopy Cleaning

While the idea of bacterial infection, vermin or fire will be enough to convince most restaurant owners to be vigilant about kitchen extract and canopy cleaning, along with regular kitchen deep cleaning, let’s think for a moment about the real impact on your business should any of these occur.

Infection: Being associated with any kind of illness or food poisoning is every restaurant owner’s worst nightmare. Just one case can ruin your reputation for years to come, especially if that case receives local publicity. And if one of your employees falls ill as a result of bacterial infection at best you will be short staffed while your employee recovers, and at worst you could be liable to a claim against you. As a matter of simple business insurance, it makes sense to take every precaution to ensure that all possible sources of contamination are dealt with – and that includes kitchen extract and canopy cleaning along with all your other daily cleaning and deep cleaning procedures.

Vermin: From rats and mice, through to smaller pests such as cockroaches, the food poisoning germs carried by these vermin can severely compromise your commercial food production operation, possibly contaminating your products with salmonella, e.coli or other bacteria which can give rise to dysentery and gastroenteritis. Not only that, vermin are highly noticeable by staff and customers and are likely to trigger a visit from the local health inspector. This in turn can lead to inspection of the rest of your premises and, if required, closing down your business for period of time. If as a result of this attention it is discovered that canopy cleaning or other ductwork cleaning has not been carried out as required by law, you could face fines or prosecution.

Fire: A fire originating in the kitchen ductwork at your premises can lead to the total loss of your business – quite apart from the potential for serious harm to yourself, your employees and the occupants of surrounding buildings. In the best case you will suffer a significant loss of income while the restaurant is repaired and refurbished. At worst, you may find that you are not insured and cannot reopen your business at all. Insurers insist on regular ductwork and canopy cleaning – with certificates from approved cleaning companies – as a condition of your insurance.

Canopy Cleaning from Ingot Services

When you choose to have your commercial kitchen and canopy cleaning carried out by Ingot Services you can relax knowing that you have chosen a company with the experience, the tools and the know how to thoroughly clean your kitchen inside and out.

When carrying out your kitchen extract and canopy cleaning we will leave your equipment as close to ‘as new’ as is possible. We will clean every element of your system, including the lights, the grease filters and the drip trays.

We will first isolate the canopy fan unit and remove the grease filter cells. We use a degreasing agent on the inside of the canopy which is then fully removed with cloths and then rinsed with warm water. This process is repeated for the inside of the canopy and this is then fully polished to a high sheen. During this time we will also steam clean the filter cells and allow them to dry before replacing them into the filter housing, leaving your canopy clean and hygienic.