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Nationwide Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

Ingot Services offer a comprehensive range of commercial cleaning services including Industrial Kitchen Deep Cleaning, Canopy Cleaning, Duct Cleaning, Extract Cleaning, High Level Cleaning and Clinical and Laboratory Hygiene Services. Ingot has been Deep Cleaning commercial kitchens over 25 years and we have an unrivalled reputation for a prompt response to enquiries followed by high quality work and excellent reporting and administration.

Our client base is from all over the UK from the very highest quality Michelin Star restaurants through to pubs and cafes and warehouses. We work for many local authorities in schools and care homes as well as some of the most prestigious properties in the country. Whether it is for insurance cover or the Fire Safety Order or even Environmental Health, Ingot supplies the value for money answer for your Commercial Kitchen Cleaning and Industrial Cleaning needs.

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Extract Cleaning

Cleaning out the air extract system for your oven and cooker – is one of the most important maintenance tasks in a commercial kitchen.

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Canopy Cleaning

Designed specifically to remove airborne grease, heat, smoke, smells and steam from the air surrounding a cooker, a canopy and the ductwork behind it can quickly accumulate grease and dust.

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Air Hygiene Services

All ventilation systems must achieve the required standards outlined in various legislation. Ingot provide complete service solutions.

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High Level Cleaning

High level cleaning both internally and externally in warehouses, leisure facilities, and schools can be very difficult, often specialist equipment and personnel is required.

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Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

Scheduling regular Kitchen Equipment Cleaning is essential to maintain the food hygiene standards in your kitchen.

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Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Kitchen Deep Cleaning is one of the simplest ways to create a clean, safe and positive atmosphere within the kitchen while meeting your legal obligations towards your customers and staff.

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Duct Cleaning

 Duct Cleaning must be carried out at least once every two years to fulfil legal requirements and to maintain a safe environment.

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Clinical and Laboratory Hygiene Services

Ingot Services offers a range of specialist services to NHS and private hospitals to ensure operational adherence with Health Technical Memorandum 03-01.

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